Our Process

Our “Step-up, Step-down” idea development process has been developed through real-world experience and focuses on delivering high-quality, efficient, cost-effective solutions for our partners.

Strategy &

We identify the market opportunity and user needs, set goals and objectives, and plan how the product will meet those needs and achieve its goals. We also identify potential obstacles and plan solutions to tackle said issues if they present themselves. The focus is on clearly understanding the product’s value proposition and target audience, creating prototypes, and conducting research to validate assumptions and test ideas. The Strategy & Preparation stage is critical for setting the direction of the product and ensuring that subsequent stages of development are aligned with the product vision and goals.

Design &

In this stage, the product’s design and technical architecture are drafted. The design process involves creating user interfaces, defining user experience, and ensuring the product meets the needs of its intended audience. The architecture focuses on defining the product’s underlying technology, infrastructure, and various software components.


This stage involves building the software product based on the design and architecture defined in the previous stage. The focus is coding, testing, and integrating different software components to create a working product.

Soft Launch
& Evaluation

In this stage, the software product is tested with a smaller audience to identify issues or bugs. The focus is on receiving feedback from users and making any necessary improvements to the product to achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the project.

Stabilize &
Hard Launch

This stage involves further testing and making final adjustments to ensure the product is stable and ready for a full launch. The focus is on preparing the product for a wider audience, addressing any remaining issues, and implementing the quality of life features that prepare the product for daily business use.

Maintain &

Our process’s Maintain & Operate stage ensures the software product remains operational, reliable, and secure. It involves ongoing server maintenance to ensure the infrastructure supporting the software is running efficiently, as well as security compliance to protect the software and its data from cyber threats. In addition to maintenance and security, this stage may involve ongoing user support, bug fixes, and feature updates to keep the product competitive and meet changing user needs. The ultimate goal is to deliver long-term value to users and ensure the software product remains a viable and effective solution in the market.

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