Bubl Framework

The Bubl Framework was conceived with the aim of standardising elements of our workflow that remain constant independent of the projects scale and expediting our idea development process. The framework consists of a independent “Bubbles” that come together to form an ecosystem and SOP’s that forms the basis of all our applications.

Ijaas Yunoos

Lead Architect

Eranda Hasaranga

Software Engineer

Bashir Yousufy

Software Engineer


The Bubl Framework is composed of 4 core modules and a handful of sub-modules that are shared by the core modules. Each module is written using JavaScript and acts as a base layer for it’s core purpose allowing any business logic and use case to be created.


The API is the heart of the Bubl Framework, providing users with a powerful tool to process, manage, and retrieve data. Built using Node.js, MongoDB and Loopback, the API is designed to handle large amounts of data and scale to meet the needs of businesses.

The Rest API and Websocket interface provides the tools required for our frontend teams to easily communicate with the data stores. With top-of-the-line security measures in place, including HIPAA and PCI-DSS readiness, the API ensures that all data stored and processed within the system is kept safe and compliant with industry standards.


The Dash module serves as the administrators user interface and offers a quick, clear, and responsive interface for handling data. The dashboard, which was created with React.js, is adaptable and flexible, allowing customers to customize the user experience to meet their unique demands with a variety of components and elements ensuring an intuitive experience for system administrators.

Web & App

The Web & App modules of the Bubl framework serve as the base layer for both frontend websites and mobile applications. Built with React.Js for web and React Native for mobile apps, it provides a fast, flexible, and customizable foundation for use to create engaging user experiences across multiple platforms.

By utilizing shared components between web and mobile applications, the Web & App modules enable us to create a consistent user experience across both platforms more efficiently and economically.

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